ITSM Configuration Item abstraction layer

Coming soon

There is a noticable gap in the open-source world for integratable solutions for service management (à la ITIL or ITSM) - most glaringly what should sit at the heart of ticketing, configuration management, monitoring (and so on) systems - a database of Configuration Items, and their relationships.

Sounds simple? Yep. And there are a load of solutions that are so simple that they're unusable except for the most trivial cases - such as infrastructure monitoring or filling drop-downs in ticketing systems like RT. It's the hard-coded relationships between objects, the lacunæ where the original use case chose not to tread, and almost impossible to extend in a generic way.

What I hope to deliver is a generic and extensible way to register CIs and their relationships, provide persistent storage for these objects, and some fairly straight-forward mechanisms to ensure the integrity of this information.